Osmo for iPhone and iPad

Two bases. One awesome way to play.

Like all best friends, iPhone and iPad love to play the same games.

Get the tangible play experience on the device of your choice. Whether you’re mad for iPad or a fan of iPhone, we’ve got the Osmo Base for you.

The Osmo family loves to play on either base

Pick a base and pick a game. Or two. Or three. Osmo games and game pieces play well with both the iPad or the iPhone (except MindRacers and Super Studio, which currently work with the iPad only).

Which base should I get?

Osmo for iPhone —

For homes with no iPad
Phones can stay in most cases

Osmo for iPad —

Bigger screen
Better for kids playing together


For multiple kids
Because you love Osmo :)
Osmo iPhone Base is compatible with most slim cases, including Apple silicone and leather cases.

No matter how you want to play, Osmo’s got the bases covered.

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